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The twinning between SÚzanne/Mondement in France and Holbeach in England was created in 1958. It was later spread out to Spalding near Holbeach.
The association organises every year a meeting, one year in France and the next in England. Beside these yearly meetings, many private travels take place between members.


Presentation of the French association

Presentation of the English association

SÚzanne and Mondement

Holbeach and Spalding






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SÚzanne's church
SÚzanne's church.
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SÚzanne is located in the department of Marne, 100 km (62 mi) east from Paris. Its population is around 6,000 inhabitants. The center, girded by "mails" (walk boulevard built in place of old the high walls) is a charming place with its church, its old houses covered with old flat tiles.

Mondement is a little village (40 inhabitants) located 10 km north from SÚzanne. The place is well-known due to an important battle during WWI (first Marne's battle, September 1914).

Holbeach is located in the south of the country shire of Lincolnshire, 200 km (125 mi) north from London. It represent 10,500 inhabitants.The town is well-known for its flowery (mainly tulips and daffodils) production.

Spalding is located 13 km (8 mi) east from Holbeach. The place is famous for its yearly "Spalding Flower Parade".
The Spalding Flower Parade
  The Spalding Flower Parade
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